Old GAN Masters

GAN generated portrait

There is so much great work being produced right now from artists and designers who are using neural networks, code and algorithms to create. Sergio Albiac created this portrait series using a custom Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to produce a model from a deep learning system trained on a set of (mainly) dutch masterpieces. Via @DynamicWebPaige

Old Maps, New Data

California Geological Map

Designer Scott Reinhard creates maps and visualizations with elevation data. Some of them are combined with old geological and topographic maps. All of them are pretty stunning and wonderful to see. I think the Great Lakes Bathymetry map would look great hanging on the wall.

Great Lakes Bathymetry

Hello world, again.

This has become a decade long experiment in pushing WordPress updates, switching up hosting providers and keeping my admin skills somewhat tuned, but never really producing much content. Occasionally I’ll swing by and clean out the cobwebs. I’m mostly on twitter @moroz.

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